How to Activate the direct deposit feature in QuickBooks payroll

How to Activate the direct deposit feature in QuickBooks payroll

Payroll feature becoming popular nowadays over checks and cash to pay employees wages. Quickbooks provides direct deposit payroll feature by activating it you can pay your employees via DD in QuickBooks payroll.

Direct deposit feature in QuickBooks save time in payroll it will provide wide access to the user. It is safe & secure and convenient to use. Activation of direct deposit in QuickBooks can save the user from the hectic procedure of paycheck. Employees also prefer paycheck via DD over checks and cash.

Requirements for the activation of direct deposit feature

Listed below points are requirements to sign up for the direct deposit feature of QuickBooks.

  • Check the version you are using is supportable for the feature?
  • Good internet access.
  • Active QuickBooks desktop subscription.
  • Add EIN (employer identification number) to QuickBooks payroll.
  • Bank account to manage all the transactions related to Automated Clearing House(ACH) within the US.


  • There is no activation charge.
  • Nominal per transaction and per payroll transmission charges may apply.

Steps to sign up and activation

Follow the given instruction to sign up for the direct deposit feature of QuickBooks.

  • Go to the main menu.
  • Choose employee tab
  • Select my payroll services
  • Select activate direct deposit
  • After finishing, review the form
  • In legal company details, type Pincode of 5digits only without the extension.

In company verification section 

  • Add the legal company name and address to add the industry.
  • Select the most suitable industry by considering your company’s business.
  • Add the owner’s credentials i.e. email id, nine-digit SSN and DOB. 
  • Verify email address and payroll administrator details.

In bank details section 

  • Type the bank account details you use to pay your employers.
  • Click the view agreement link and read it carefully.
  • Choose the checkbox to agree term of service agreement.
  • In the check security section answer, the questions provided.
  • Click the submit button.
  • After the submission, the page will show a confirmation message which you can print.  
  • Click the “return to QuickBooks” button on the bottom of the page.

Points should be considered before using direct deposit

Verification of your bank account

For the security purpose verification of bank account should be done, at the time of sign up intuit perform two small withdrawal by the bank details provided by you, to examine the bank account for the sums and verify them in QuickBooks. After verification, you become an authorized user of the account and intuit refund the debits.

Set up the employers’s account details in your QuickBooks payroll account

Collect the bank account details of employers who would like to get paid by direct deposit, after that you can create a paycheck for your employees by using direct deposit.

Benefits of direct deposit feature

  • No signing up cost.
  • No monthly fees
  • Payment for the services you use only.
  • No need of minimum numbers of employees
  • You can pay your employees on time.
  • You can schedule the payments in advance.

These are the crucial steps you should follow to activate the direct deposit feature of QuickBooks payroll. If there’s any kind of trouble you’re facing while sign up for the direct deposit you can get the assistance of QuickBooks payroll support team by calling on this number 1-844-999-0406; our availability to assist your queries is 24*7 with valuable and expertise solutions.

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