Know How to Delete Deposits in QuickBooks?

Know How to Delete Deposits in QuickBooks?

As you already know QuickBooks is an advanced accounting tool endowed with smart features. Here we are going to discussed about How to delete deposits in QuickBooks with the viable use of tools. If you find you have made any wrong payment or unknowingly you did. And now you want to delete the deposits. For this, read our article, here you are going to get acquainted with the procedure needed to follow. 

Procedure to Delete Deposits in QuickBooks

In QuickBooks, incoming payments are categorised into two categories namely Deposited Payments & Undeposited Funds. The deposited fund carries the Individual payments & deposited in the Bank. While an Undeposited fund consists of small payments that you receive throughout the day.

Here, we have discussed deleting the Deposits for Both the funds. Follow the given instruction to easily delete the Deposits in QuickBooks.

How to remove a payment from the Deposits in QuickBooks?

To initiate this, use Make deposits Window tools in QuickBooks.

  • Move to the “Record Deposits”icon on the QuickBooks Homepage.
  • Select “Banking Menu & choose Make deposits.
  • If the Payments to window deposits, click to cancel.
  • Keep selecting Previous until you find deposits or Payment from a Deposit you want to remove.
  • Select to Edit Menu & choose Delete Deposits to undo the deposit or Payment from Deposit.

How to Delete a Deposit in QuickBooks?

  • Firstly, Move to the Record Deposit on the Homepage for the Make Deposit window.
  • If the Payments to window deposits, click to cancel.
  • Keep selecting Previous until you find the one where you want to delete Payment.
  • Select the Payment you want to delete, click Edit Menu & Delete Line.
  • After this, click on the Ok or Yes option for acknowledgement.
  • Click to Save & Close option for all the changes you made & close the Make Deposit window.

How to remove an Undeposited Fund in QuickBooks?

  • From the Home page, Select lists< click “Chart of Accounts” You can also press Ctrl -A.
  • Select Undeposited Funds from the drop down lists & further right click on “Amount.
  • With the displayed option, click to delete option & click OK when confirm for delete.

How can I remove Duplicate Payment in QuickBooks?

  • Firstly, go to QuickBooks
  • Open company file
  • Click on the Banking menu option & select to make a deposit.
  • Select the line that consists of duplicate Payment & click to edit.
  • From the drop down choose to delete a line.
  • Click save to changes you have made.
  • Navigate to the list menu & there choose Charts of Account.
  • Double click on the undeposited fund & select Duplicate Payment you want to delete.
  • Later Click Edit Menu & select Delete Payment.

Hope this article would prove to be a great help for you in deleting the Deposits. For more such useful information about QuickBooks you can sign up or Bookmark our Page. Also connect with us 1-844-999-0406

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