QuickBooks Error 3371

QuickBooks Error 3371

QuickBooks undoubtedly is an exemplary application that has transformed the Industries with its Iconic features. It’s all because of advanced features that make many firms bloom. From payroll estimate to inventory tracking to bills (paid & unpaid bills) management. In Spite of being advanced accounting software, users often have to struggle with flaws & errors in the software. QuickBooks error 3371 is one such error, we are going to discuss in this article. If preoccupied with error 3371 in QuickBooks. Feel free to consult our QuickBooks experts at +1-855-929-0120 to get instant solution. 

QuickBooks error code 3371 or message “Could not initialize license properties” generally appears when a user opens or tries to activate QuickBooks desktop. The error could occur due to some missing or damaged files containing license properties. 

Why does QuickBooks error 3371 occur?

For every problem there are some reasons to trigger that. QuickBooks error code 3371 is not the error that is triggered by one or two reasons. Few other reasons that are responsible for error 3371 are:-

  • Qbregistration.dat file constitutes QuickBooks license details & if the file gets damaged somehow, then it brings error.
  • MSXML is a prominent component that is needed by QuickBooks Desktop. If msxml component has some issues. It brings an error. 
  • Antivirus or Firewall program settings.
  • 80029c4a could be another reason. 
  • Outdated Window operating System.

Things to consider:-

Users need to ensure that the window has been updated to the latest version. In case the latest updates have not been installed. User can do this by following:-

  • Clicking on window
  • Select all programs, & then click on windows update.
  • Now install QuickBooks. 

Also make sure that your windows operating system is corrupted or not.

Troubleshooting measures to fix QuickBooks error 3371

Try any of these measures to get rid of QuickBooks error code 3371. Follow the given below steps carefully:-

  1. Remove ecml file & Rename Entitlement file

Press Window+R simultaneously from your keyboard

Window will appear Paste address C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 into it.

You will go to the window explorer to the above location. 

Delete ecml file & close the window. 

Now, run the QuickBooks & register the application again.

2. Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Issues in .NET Framework, MSXML, and C++ problems can cause error 3371. Use QB Install Diagnostic Tool to resolve it.

  • Firstly Download the QBInstall diagnostic Tool & set-up in your system.
  • Run the tool after shutting down all current running programs.
  • Reboot the system. 

3. Update Window Operating system

Click on the Window or Start Button.

Select All programs, & then click to window updates.

Click to check for updates.

After successfully completing, reinstall QuickBooks again.

Hope by following the above measures, users would be able to resolve QuickBooks error code 3371. In case users need in-depth assistance, they can seek our consultancy by just calling our experts at +1-855-929-0120. Our knowledgeable QuickBooks experts assist users in a detailed manner. 

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