How to fix QuickBooks error 6140?

How to fix QuickBooks error 6140?

In this growing business world, the reliability towards QuickBooks – accounting software seems to escalate & has relatively a direct impact upon the software. The software is widely used in accounting & financial data management. Keep an account on your expenses, integrate with your bank account, facilitate direct deposits & what not, QuickBooks offer wide accounting solutions to the users. Despite these glorious properties, the arrival of error & bugs in qb is quite alarming. It often causes hindrances in the routine working. Consult our certified QuickBooks experts at +1-855-929-0120 who give exemplary solutions to the users. 

In this article, you will learn how to deal with QuickBooks error 6140. If you got stuck with this. Then, this blog is beneficial for you. Along with causes & efficient steps to fix it instantly. So, read the article carefully in order to fix error 6140. 

What is Error code 6140?

One of the most commonly reported qb errors is the QuickBooks Error 6041. It mainly crashes all the active programs on the windows, the windows run sluggish and responds slowly while error 6140 strikes. Incomplete or corrupt download of the qb trigger error to persists. 

Reasons why error happens

Error 6140 is a Duplicate Document Number Error. This occurs mainly under two circumstances including Clio Web App and QuickBooks Web App. When a record invoice, credit memo, sales receipt at one time be there in QB with the same number. The issue only persists if you have the Custom Transaction Number organised in QuickBooks.  It enables you to manually edit transaction numbers.

Efficient troubleshooting steps to fix QuickBooks error 6140

Follow the steps carefully to resolve qb error code 6140 efficiently:-

  • Firstly, open your QBO and head to Settings.
  • Then select Account and Setting & click Sales
  • Check whether the custom transaction number is turned on or off.
  • Hit Back, Then again click Settings and select Advanced.
  • Now, check if the duplicate check used is turned off.
  • Tap on Sync errors. A list of errors display and then, clear it.

Hope the above mentioned steps are enough to resolve qb error 6140. In case you have any further questions or query, feel free to ask our qb experts anytime just by calling us at +1-855-929-0120

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