Quickbooks error 6240

Quickbooks error 6240

QuickBooks is a versatile accounting software that has almost revolutionised the businesses. The software is geared with powerful features that makes many businesses bloom. While the sudden arrival of error in QuickBooks is annoying when you are doing some important accounting tasks. Get in touch with our skillful & well-qualified experts who address your technical concern simultaneously. At +1-855-929-0120 the experts will assist users in a detailed manner. 

In this article, we’ll discuss QuickBooks error 6240. Here you will come to know about what is error 6240, why it occurs & how to get rid of it? If error happens to you. Kindly be with us!!

What is QuickBooks error 6240?

Users may come across QuickBooks error 6240 while working on the software. The error signifies that any duplicate name exists in the QuickBooks account. With the same name some record is already available in the software.  Kindly consider that QuickBooks always required a name which is distinct. It doesn’t matter whether the contact is a vendor, employee or any customer. In other words, the appearing  name in the QuickBooks is accessed as the unique identifier for employees, vendors & customers. If you ever attempt to add another file with the name alike then the chances of getting an error code 6140 increases.

Resolve QuickBooks error 6240 with these measures

Try to fix QuickBooks error 6240 with these efficient steps:-

Rename the existing QuickBooks record

Users can render a new name to the vendor, employee or customer. They can do this by adding suffix or prefix before or after the existing name of the. Remember that QuickBooks doesn’t give authorization for using any special characters in the display name, including comma, colon, question mark, dot, alphanumeric & so on. 

Give a different name

After renaming, you can change the name of the field completely. Doing this will eliminate further issues because sometimes you may get confused about the name, which you have included with the existing name. So, it’s better to include a new & unique name in each record of the tool.  

Hope the information provided by us is enough for you to fix QuickBooks error 6240 efficiently. In case you find any difficulty in resolving error 6240, get in touch with our qb experts at +1-855-929-0120

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