Dial QuickBooks Payments Support

Dial QuickBooks Payments Support

QuickBooks is an efficient accounting application that makes transactions simpler. It’s all because of the exemplary feature, the software makes everything easy. In the blog, you will know how to receive and acquire customer payments for in-person sales and invoices. Here, we will discuss the set-up payment options for your customers. There are some ways from which users can get paid via credit card or ACH bank transfer. If you have some other queries related to quickbooks payment options feel free to  discuss us, by dialling QuickBooks Payments Support +1-855-929-0120. 

Receiving and processing the payments in QuickBooks Desktop

In order to know how to set-up payment options for your clients follow the blog. 

Step 1: Connect to the available QuickBooks Payments account or Sign up

Firstly, sign up for QuickBooks Payment option if you haven’t signed-up. 

Step 2: Execute payments in QuickBooks Desktop

Follow the steps carefully, if you’re willing to send the customer invoices so they can pay online.

Commencing in-person payments

If any customer comes to your business or calls to make a payment you don’t require to send them invoices, rather you can generate a sales receipt. This is how you can –

  1. Head to the customer menu, choose Create Sales Receipts.
  2. choose the customer from the Customer Job drop down.
  3. Now input the products and services the customer is paying for.
  4. Enter the rest of the sales receipt form.
  5. Choose any of the payment methods: Cash, Check, or Visa (use Visa for credit cards).
  6. Select save and close once the process completes.

Commencing payments for open invoices

You can even process the payments from customers with existing invoices. Look how to do this –

  1. Head to the customer menu and choose to receive payments. 
  2. Choose the customer from the received dropdown. 
  3. Choose the checkbox appearing next to the invoice you want to apply the payment to. It should be the invoice you already sent them.
  4. Now choose the payment mode: Cash, check or Visa (use visa for credit cards).
  5. Once completed, choose save and close. 

After the completion of the payment process, QuickBooks transfers the money into your bank account. If you are receiving the payment for the first time, it would take time depending on the product or payment plans. If you need further consultancy, kindly ask for help at QuickBooks Payment Support Phone Number +1-855-929-0120.

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